Become a Mentor. Change A Life

Become a Mentor. Change A Life

"You have made such a difference in Qishana's life and it has a ripple effect. Her possibilities are endless and you have shown her that she MATTERS and that yes she can obtain her dreams with hardwork...proud of you Kerry and proud of Qishana."


This parent's words of appreciation for the impact a Starfish Mentor has made in the life of her daughter are not uncommon.   The common goal of seeing a teen achieve and reach their potential is accomplished by providing Starfish's unique 1-to-1 mentoring model along with our 3 C's programming.


Starfish has committed to serve more teens in Marion County.  Help us "Double the Impact"!  


"Become a Mentor.  Change A Life."  


For more information on how you can become a Mentor or if you would like to refer a friend, please contact us at 317.955.7912.