Be An Ally

As part of our community outreach efforts we strive to partner with organizations that support and serve our Scholars in other ways, or are committed to supporting and creating the transformation of our educational outcomes for our Indianapolis youth. To this end, we work with:

  • Our middle school and high school partners, along with our community centers partnerships, help identify and improve ways to increase awareness of our program to the students and their families. These partners help encourage the highest possible participation all the while supporting the academic and character development of our Scholars. 

  • Service Clubs and other volunteer organizations that are willing to actively recruit and resource Starfish Mentors and provide services projects for our matches to participate. 

  • Government officials and agencies committed to educational attainment and advocating for mentoring. 

  • Businesses serving Central Indiana

  • Colleges and universities throughout the state of Indiana

If you would like to become a Starfish Ally and have ideas as to how to come alongside of us in support our mission, please contact Starfish Initiative at 317.955.7912 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.